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Which currently allows you to run the following Emulators:


in a standard JAMMA Arcade Cabinet,
Using a Real Arcade Monitor (without the need for fancy video cards)
and without having to rewire any of the Cabinet's controls

Also home to ArcadeOS 2.52, cabSystem16 0.82a and now VAntAGE 1.12
ArcadeOS is DOS FrontEnd mainly designed for DOS MAME but which can frontend most DOS emulators.

Whats New!

Current version of ArcadeOS : 2.52

Page Last Updated : Sunday 19 Sep 2004

MAME in a JAMMA Cabinet 
Saturn in a JAMMA Cabinet 
Saturn in a Racing Cabinet 

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Whats New:

Tuesday 3 Feb 2009
Fixed a couple links that are now outdated.
by Peale

Sunday 13 Aug 2006
XML2INFO added to available downloads
by Peale

*Should* have been added...what...two years ago? Now available either within the ArcadeOS 2.52 download or as a separate download.

Sunday 19 Sep 2004
ArcadeOS 2.52 Binary and Source Released!
by Peale

New config line option, to 'disable imperfect'. A lot of games were being thrown in the 'not working' category due to a new flag in mame, the 'imperfect' flag. That eliminated a lot of perfectly playable, but slightly imperfect games. Like Galaga. With the new option, the imperfect games will show as in the menu. Thanks to Carlos Santillan for making this change.

Friday 16 Sep 2004
ArcadeOS 2.51 Source Uploaded
by Peale

The source is now available on the download page.

Friday 9 Jul 2004
ArcadeOS 2.51!
by Peale

Since Mame (as of .84) no longer supports the -listinfo command, changes were made by Carlos Santillan regarding the new -listxml command. There's a new tag in arcadeos.cfg for legacy support:

#Legacy List Generation

Set to '1' for Mame versions < .84 and '0' for versions > .84

Tuesday 29 June 2004
VAntAGE 1.12!
by Peale

After way too long, we've been pouring over the VAntAGE code, adding new games. It's available in the download section!

New games supported: Black Hole, Rescue, Longshot, Space Chaser, Azurian Attack, Future Spy (not working), Space Laser, Super Zaxxon (not working).

In keeping with the spirit of the Mame Project, we're leaving some of the non-working drivers in as well. So if anyone wants to take a crack at it, feel free. The source is available.

The site will also be going through a total redesign soon, to make information easier to find.

BINARY - CLICK HERE to download.
SOURCE - CLICK HERE to download.

Monday 14th April 2003
ArcadeOS LCD List Creator
by Leif Almgren

This is a small utility that creates a LIST.LCD file for use with ArcadeOS 2.5 with an LCD/VFD display attached. Using the standard HISTORY.DAT file as input, LCD List Creator generates a LIST.LCD file. Save the resulting file into your Mame folder for ArcadeOS's access. LCD List Creator allows you to customize the results by adjusting centering, trunicating long lines and specifying the size of your display.

CLICK HERE to download.

Saturday 5th April 2003
UNDER New Management!

PC2JAMMA has been far too long without direct support. Unfortunately, it appears that Brian will not be back in the forseeable future. A few proud users of ArcadeOS have been trying hard to keep this great frontend going and continue to support it through the PC2JAMMA Forum and in the newsgroups. While this has helped, there is still need to keep this site up to date! I have Volunteered to accept this job.

Don't expect any great changes. Most of what you'll see changed is the same old information with improved formating for your browser and a few notations to point out changes from the original content to adjust for current variants of Mame and ArcadeOS. I will consider any additions or improvements submitted to me for corrections or improvements to this site. Please post any suggestions to me in the PC2JAMMA forum.

UPDATE to ArcadeOS finally posted!

Yes! ArcadeOS version 2.5 is finally available here!
As a result, it will no longer be posted on the Purple Mame site in the near future.

You can now download the binary or source. Happy Maming! (LasVegas)

Tuesday 1st October 2002
FIXED ArcadeOS Released!

I've uploaded Macgaivers FIXED Binary and Source code, this allows the game list to display correctly.

You can download the binary or source. Enjoy! (~RocLobsta~)


Friday 30th August 2001
I received an incredibly nice mail from an individual which prompted me to make an update to ArcadeOS
I'm not back on this fulltime or anything, but here goes...

ArcadeOS 2.47 released
Bug Fix Release
.ArcadeOS updated to display correct ROM list for MAME 0.53 and up (still works for older versions)
.ArcadeOS filters updated to work with MAME 0.53 and up (still works for older versions)
.Default MAME executable name is now dmame.exe

The reason I'm stressing the (still works for older versions of MAME) bit is that,
as most of you have no doubt discovered, from MAME 0.53 onwards tweaked modes have been dropped

Which basically means no more VGA arcade monitor modes in MAME

Just to clear the air a bit, the decision on MAMEDEV was taken to simplify the core and because
less and less games were fitting into 256 colours.

It was not done to purposely leave arcade monitor users out in the cold - and there was a discussion
with a couple of people (me being one of them) arguing against the move

On another note: I'd like to thank RocLobsta for updating and keeping the site alive

Saturday 11th August 2001
FIXED the link to the message/support board. (RocLobsta)

Sunday 15th July 2001
FIXED ArcadeOS unofficial version by Richard Jones.

Pick it up from the downloads page. (RocLobsta)

Monday 26th Feb 2001
VAntAGE 1.11 released
.ROM File Changes
   VAntAGE updated to use the correct MAME romsets for the following
   games: (thanks to logix for the info)
.Core Changes
   Fixed video memory mirror bug in Triple Punch
   VAntAGE now shuts down sound correctly when exiting

ArcadeOS 2.45 released
Bug Fix Release
.Sound bug fixed
.Memory overwrite bug fixed

Added Hardware section
This contains some hardware arcade related hardware projects that have been sent to me

and finally...
This will probably be the last update to the PC2JAMMA page (by me), at the very least there won't
be anything for a very long time

To be honest, I've reached a point where I've done far more than I set out, and the feeling now is that
everything I wanted to do I did a long time ago

I've gone full circle with this hobby - I started out over 5 years ago collecting arcade boards and cabinets
then I tried using emulators - and have now gone back to the real thing

Personally, other than for writing/testing updates to ArcadeOS - I've not used ArcadeOS or MAME for over
8 months now, none of my cabinets have a PC in them, and I won't put one back in

If you're not pursuaded by the moral argument, that if you're going to play these games you should really
own them, then I urge you to at least look into comparing the real thing with your emulation cabinet
Accurate sound, correct aspect ratio, correct colours, smooth scrolling, no load time, correct speed, no input problems.

There is a difference.

Don't get me wrong -
arcade emulation is a fascinating hobby and the work done on the likes of Retrocade,MAME,Callus,Raine
etc. has been nothing short of incredible.

Playing and owning the real games is just simply a more rewarding experience

Tuesday 6th Feb 2001
VAntAGE 1.1 released

.New Games Supported:
   1943,1943 Kai,600,Anteater,Armored Car (set 1),Balloon Bomber,
   Battle of Atlantis (set 1),Calipso,Checkman,Crush Roller (Kural Esco - bootleg?),
   Devil Fish,Earth Invaders,Eyes,Frogger,Galaga,Galaga 84,Galaga Fast Shot Hack,
   Galaxian Part X,Galaxian Turbo,Galaxy Wars,GunSmoke,HotShocker,Jr Pac-Man,JumpBug,
   Jumping Jack,LadyBug,Levers,Lizard Wizard,Lost Tomb (easy),Mr Do,Mr Do's Castle,
   Mr TNT,Orbitron,Pac-Man (Hearts),Pac-Man Bootleg,Pac-Man Plus,
   Pengo Set 2 Unencrypted,Piranha,Pisces,Pooyan,Red UFO,Space Phantom,
   Speed Coin (prototype),Super Bond,Super Cobra,Super Galaxians,Swarm,
   Tazz-Mania (Scramble hardware),The End,The Glob,Triple Punch,Turtles,UniWar S,
   Van Van Car,Video Hustler,War of the Bugs,Yankee Do,ZigZag (Galaxian Hardware)
.Sound emulation
   This replaces the need for samples in most games.
   The old sample interface was fine - but it meant adding new games
   to VAntAGE took far too much time.
   VAntAGE now contains emulation of the following sound 'systems'
      NAMCO sound system
      'Galaxian' style board sound system
      AY-8910 sound chip
      SN76496 sound chip
      YM2203 sound chip
   This means the following sample sets are no longer required:
   and the following samples sets have reduced in size:
.Moved sound support over to SEAL
   There is a new 'soundcard' option which can have the following values:
      0 (Silence)
      1 (Sound Blaster)
      2 (Sound Blaster AWE32)
      3 (Pro Audio Spectrum)
      4 (Ultrasound Max (CS4231 Codec))
      5 (Ultrasound)
      6 (Windows Sound System)
      7 (Ensoniq Soundscape)
.VESA support
   VAntAGE now uses linear VESA modes by default - as these are faster
   than tweaked VGA modes.
   To use these modes, VAntAGE requires VESA 2.0 or better
   There is a new command line option
   to turn VESA modes on/off
.Added 'vertical scanlines options'
   As VAntAGE's game used to run on a vertical arcade monitor
   the correct 'scanline' arrangement is up/down rather than left/right.
   If you run VAntAGE on a horizontal PC monitor and select:
      -vertscan -scanlines
   The scanlines will appear in their correct orientation
   i.e. going vertically up and down the monitor.
   NOTE:This is only available in VESA modes and will be slower than 'regular' scanlines

.Improved merged ROM support
   VAntAGE's merged ROM support now mimics MAME's
   VAntAGE will now search the 'parent' ROM set for files missing in
   the cloned/bootleg ROM
.PSX Pad support fixed
.Moved default coin1 and coin2 keys from '3' and '4' to '5' and '6'
.Added coin3 input
   defaults to '7'
.Added frameskip
   can be set in config file/command line, or altered in game using F9
.Added -listshort command line options
   gives a short form list of supported games
.Added -listlong command line option
   gives a long form list of supported games
   This gives verbose information for each game supported.
   i.e. number of CPUs used,file names of required ROM set, samples used etc
.Added -genaos command line option
   This generates ArcadeOS support files
   file for use with ArcadeOS
.Fixed crash bug in 1942 driver
.Graphic decode and transparent blit mask generation moved to core code
.Number of 'fast' characters handled increased to 1024 (Mr Do)
.New blit function 'display opaque character' added (Mr Do)
.Added 'Speed Up Cheat' to PacMan/derivatives dip switches
.Added 'Nearest Match' ROM selection
   If you enter a ROM name which does not match any supported game,
   VAntAGE will now pick the closest matching game name

See the VAntAGE section for more info

Added Dreamcast2JAMMA page
   It maybe on the way out - but it's still one of the best things you can put in an arcade cabinet

ArcadeOS 2.44 released
.LCD screen support
   AOS now supports use of an LCD screen attached to a COM port.
   This can be used to display instructions/logos/bitmaps etc.
      Submitted by Danny Rego
.Internal BIOS buffer doubled in size
   This is used by AOS to pass emu config details between real and
   protected mode.
   Basically - it means AOS won't truncate AdvanceMAME's large config
   file anymore
.X/Y Filter resoultion maximum value increased to 1280
   The previous value of 640 meant some games weren't being displayed
.Max button filter value increased to 10
   Basically for the same reason as above
.Drive used by AOS for temporary files is now configurable
   tempdrive = (0='C',1='D',2='E' etc.)
   by default, AOS uses the C drive
.Added 'Skip Available Disk Space Check' option for AOS's temporary files
   AOS checks that there is enough space on the drive before creating
   temporary files - this option allows you to skip this check if you think
   there is enough space and AOS is not finding it.
   skipspacecheck = (0 = don't skip - check space, 1 = skip space check)
   by default, AOS performs the check

Wednesday 29th Oct 2000
ArcadeOS 2.43 released
This is really a bug fix release, it's also the first release of AOS
to use beta testers.
I'd like to thank the following people for their feedback and testing:

   Nick Bourdo
   Stefano (jimi)
   Da Riv

.Memory overwrite bug fixed
   This was the biggie and caused a whole heap of problems -
   the following were the most common (all now fixed)
      'select sound card' message when running MAME games
      'garbage' occansionally appearing in the game config menu
      'garbage' occansionally appearing in mame.cfg
      config items not being saved/set
.AOS now generates game lists correctly when used with AdvanceMAME
.AOS nolonger overwrites config changes made inside an emulator
   This is useful for Emus like AdvanceMAME , ZSNES etc. which have
   UI's that let you change config items while running the emulator.
   Now, if you change a value inside an Emu which is *not* covered by
   AOS's configs for that emulator - those changes will not be discarded
   by AOS after you exit the Emu.
.PSX pad support fixed
   this is now working again
.'Merged ROMs' option can now be set per emulator rather than globally
.AOS now checks for available space before creating temporary workfiles