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What you need
1 x JAMMA Arcade Cabinet
1 x JAMMA Fingerboard
1 x Saturn
1 x Audio amp. (capable of being run off 12v DC)
You can either make up a simple circuit based around a LM380 or buy a cheap low watt mono amp kit from somewhere like Maplin.
1x RGB Scart Cable
Just the standard RGB cable, you're going to break this open - so I recommend you buy one specifically for this project and keep the one you (probably)
got with the Saturn

2x Saturn Controllers
Again, you're breaking these open, so just get the ugliest/cheapest ones you can find.
  All you're really interested in is the chip inside it.
1x Circuit for getting Composite Sync
You're going to have to make up a small circuit to get the video working;
it's a very simple ciruit with only 4 electronic components:-

1x LM1881N
This is a small 8 leg chip, it's used to seperate composite video sync (which arcade monitors need)
from composite video (which is where a scart TV generally gets its sync signal from).

2x 0.1uf Capacitors
Pronounced '0.1 micro farads', but you can get away with '0.1 mew f'.
These are small 'ceramic' capacitors, basically a flat circle of (usually) orange stuff with two wires sticking out of them.
The capacitor will probably be marked 104Z.
When getting these, make sure you DONT get electrolytic capacitors.
These are small barrel like capacitors (usually blue) and will do us no good at all.

1x 680K ohm resistor
1x piece of Strip board
This is basically a board with holes in and copper tracks on the underside, used to make up circuits.
Just get the smallest piece you can, you'll not be using most of it.

1x 8 pin chip socket
This is just the socket for the LM1881N chip, you don't strictly need it as you could just solder the chip directly on to the strip board BUT a socket
(i) The chip will be easier to replace if it ever fails
(ii) You have no chance of damaging the small chip as your soldering iron will never come near it

You'll probably have to buy the capacitors, resistor and chip socket in packs.
Just get the smallest number of components that you can, they are all very cheap anyway.

The other stuff you'll need:

A Soldering Iron - a cheap one will do, no need for extra fine tips etc.

Some solder - obvious really

A few different coloured reels of thin gauge wire - you don't need different colours; it just makes life easier.

This is not neccessary, but a Digital Multimeter is immensely useful.
Just a cheap one from Argos will do.

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