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Anyone undertaking these projects does so at there own risk. I take no responsibility for any damage to equipment or personal injuries resulting from attempting this project.

MegaDrive/Genesis, Master System, SNES,PlayStation - 2JAMMA

I've lumped all these together - as they're basically the same as making a Saturn2JAMMA harness
you should read through that project first before attempting any of these projects.


  MegaDrive/Genesis, Master System
The MegaDrive/Genesis I has to be the easiest console to put inside a cabinet - it requires no electronics whatsoever.
The Master System I just requires an audio amp.

You need....

1 JAMMA fingerboard
2 Joypads
1 8pin din plug

1 Stereo Mini Jack (for MD/Genesis)
1 audio amp (for Master System)

Both consoles have the same AV pinout,
which is
(looking at the end of the din plug)

For the MD/Genesis and Master System - wire in ground, comp. sync, red,green and blue

For the MD/Genesis take the audio from the headphone socket at the front of the console - for the Master System you need to take the audio from the AV outputs and run that through your audio amp.

Wire in the controllers as per the Saturn - and that's all there is to it.

Differences to Saturn Adaptor:
No need for a sync splitter chip
No need for an audio amp (MD/Genesis I)

There has been some mention of the PAL SNES not outputting composite sync.
to be on the safe side I used a sync splitter on the composite video output
to generate composite sync as per the Saturn.
The only other strange thing about the SNES is that it's expecting a different load to the one provided by an arcade monitor.
To fix the problem, you need to connect a 100 ohm (something in the range 100 - 200 should be okay) resistor between composite video and ground.

You need....

1 JAMMA fingerboard
1 SNES RGB Scart cable
2 Joypads
1 Audio amp
1 100ohm resistor

It's easier to just go off the SCART pinout, but for completeness the AV pinouts of the SNES are as follows:

1 Red
2 Green
3 Composite Sync (may not be present on PAL machines)
4 Blue
5 Ground
6 Ground
7 S-Video Y
8 S-Video C
9 Composite Video
10 +5V
11 Mono Audio
12 L-R (used to calculate stereo)

Looking at the cable, the pins match up as follows:-

Differences to Saturn Adaptor:
Requires a 100ohm resistor between composite video and ground

Wiring in a Playstation is identical to wiring in a Saturn.