Q. What does JAMMA mean ?
A. JAMMA stands for the 'Japanese Amusement Machine Manufacturers Association'
In the context we're using it - it refers to a standard pinout class for arcade games.
Meaning , for the most part , any JAMMA game (i.e. the actual logic board of the game) can be run in any JAMMA cabinet.
The pinout for JAMMA looks like this
Check out the Arcade Primer for more details on JAMMA and arcade cabinets in general

Q. Why the Saturn, aren't they cr*p ?
A. No. The Saturn's is probably the best machine (apart from a NeoGeo) that you can put in an arcade cabinet
Why ? because its game library consists of almost nothing but arcade games.
The Saturn suffered from very poor third party support in Europe and the States
- but major Japeneses arcade companies produced some excellent games for it (Sega,Capcom,Konami,Taito,SNK etc).
Most of these games didn't get a release outside of Japan - which is why you need to get your Saturn switched (see Saturn Mod

Q. How do you wire in the video ?
A. Simple enough, the Saturn already puts our RGB - which you can connect directly to the arcade cabinet's monitor. You just need to get composite sync from the composite video signal, this is a simple 1 chip circuit. Some monitors can use composite video directly as a composite sync signal - but I don't own any of them

Q. How do you wire in the controls ?
A. Again, very easy. You just take a Saturn Joypad, break it open and solder wires directly onto the pads on the joypad board.

Q. Will I damage my Saturn ?
A. Chances are, no. You don't need to remove a single screw from your Saturn to make this project.