Saturn Mod FAQ

Q. What does this Mod do ?
A. It allows you to run European,Japanese and American Saturn games on your Saturn, and select either NTSC or PAL output
from just 2 switches

Q. Will it let me run copied games ?
A. No, to do this you need a special circuit between the CD player and the Saturn's main board - I have no dealings with any suppliers of these circuits

Q. What's involved in this Mod ?
A. Not much really, it's a fairly simple circuit to make, but some soldering skills are an advantage - as you will be soldering onto the Saturn's board itself

Q. Can this be done on any Saturn ?
A. Yes, I've modded a fair number of Saturns and have come across 5 different types of Saturn boards so far. Each of them was 'moddable'.
However the instructions on these pages show the Mod for just 2 of these boards (the VA-7 and the VA-9).If your Saturn differs from the one shown - you cannot use these instructions directly to mod it. You can, however, take the principles behind the modification and apply them to your particular board.